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Remote Hands

With the Key-Systems DataCenter on-site service, you can save valuable time by outsourcing the technical support for your systems.

On-site Service in the Data Center

From time to time, different operations are necessary on server systems and their components, that need to be conducted on site in the data center. Since own approaches are always time-consuming, we offer our customers the possibility that our technicians carry out the operations as so-called "remote hands" services. These include, for example, the replacement of defective hard disks or other components, configuration tasks on the console of the server and much more.

Billing takes either place on a per quarter hour basis or by using a monthly contingent with discounted rates.

Domains and DNS

Key-Systems DataCenter provides more than 1,000 different top level domains for registration and management as well as Hosted DNS service for free.

Domain Registration and Management

We offer the opportunity to register and manage more than 1,000 different top level domains via a web interface or automatically via various API interfaces (e.g. EPP, SOAP, XMLRPC, HTTPS). As a subsidiary of the Key-Systems GmbH, one of the largest domain registrars worldwide, the Key-Systems DataCenter provides especially favorable buying conditions for your entire domain portfolio.

Hosted DNS

For connecting your domains that are managed with us, our Hosted DNS service is available for free if requested. You can also independently manage your DNS zones including resource records via web interface and API. The extensive features include, among others, full IPv6 support.

The basis of the DNS infrastructure is built up by several clusters of DNS servers that are operated geo-redundantly in different German data centers. These guarantee a high reliability and a particularly high efficiency of name resolution.

Shared Hosting

Our shared hosting service provides a web hosting solution and an email service that are a stable and completely supervised.

Web Hosting

Not all parts of a web project have high resource requirements or need a lot of storage capacity. A separate server is often not necessary for smaller websites. Furthermore, the installation of an operating system and the configuration of a web server cost precious time. Maybe you also don't have the necessary know-how to take care of a web server or a database?

In these cases the use of our shared web hosting is the best solution. You receive a stable and completely supervised LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) web hosting solution from a single source. Our experts take care of every customer request, but you have the possibility to execute general settings via a web interface. Of course we operate our shared web servers in our Tier III data center and thus ensure excellent availability.

Mail Hosting

The exchange of emails is essential for the business communication, especially providers of online stores or high-traffic websites rely on emails. However, as an operator of a public mail system there are several things to consider. To find the correct settings for spam and virus protection, which are tailored to your needs, can be difficult.

Our shared mail hosting offers a stable and fully supervised email service, available with all major email programs and operating systems. Leave the job to our experts and use your time for the core activities of your business. Of course we operate our shared mail server in our Tier III data center and thus guarantee excellent availability.

SSL Certificates

Key-Systems DataCenter offers individual certificates, multi-domain certificates, or so-called wildcard certificates of all leading certification authorities.

Reliable Data Communication

SSL certificates are used to ensure the authenticity and integrity in the use of encrypted data communication, as used for example in the form of the HTTPS protocol on the web servers of e-commerce providers for transmission of customer and bank information. The issuing of certificates is done by trusted, external certification authorities.

Wide Selection of Certificates

Key-Systems DataCenter offers various SSL certificates of all leading certification authorities such as RapidSSL, Symantec, GeoTrust, Sectigo or Thawte. Among others, you can choose between individual certificates, multi-domain certificates, or so-called wildcard certificates. The latter are used to secure a particular domain with all your subdomains. If particularly high security requirements exist, Extended Validation Certificates (with the green bar) and certificates with organization validation are also available.

You can perform management operations such as the reorder or renewal of a certificate by yourself through our web interface or automatically via API - the provision will be executed within a few minutes.

Load Balancing

Our load balancing is ideally suited to provide optimal high-traffic services and to distribute them with high availability across multiple systems at the same time.

Load Distribution of Services

To be able to handle large amounts of requests fast, we offer our load balancing service. Our redundant load balancing is capable to receive various protocols (e.g. HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, etc.) and transmit them transparently using different algorithms to several predefined target servers. In addition, our load balancer check the availability and response time of the individual goals at the same time and remove those that are no longer available from the rotation. New targets for the distribution can also be included during operation. Our experts can advise you on the wide range of applications.


Key-Systems DataCenter offers several options to build a Virtual Private Network and to connect it with your existing infrastructure.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

VPN connections can be used for the secure networking of multiple locations, branch offices or for dialing into closed systems. We offer several options to build a VPN via IPsec, OpenVPN or L2TP-over-IPsec and to connect with your existing infrastructure. Hereby, our endpoints are compatible with almost all popular firewalls, VPN gateways and operating systems.


Our monitoring service monitors your systems and services and reports anomalies by e-mail or SMS to you.

Monitoring of Services and Systems

The accessibility of online services is becoming increasingly important, the demands on the availability increase. To recognize impairments of individual IT systems in a timely manner is all the more important. Our monitoring service monitors your systems and services and reports anomalies by e-mail or SMS to you. It is also possible to record the performance of services and to display them as a graph. In this way, you can see the development of e.g. the disk assignment or the response times of the web server over a longer period.

Patch Management

Key-Systems DataCenter offers a professional patch management from a single source including monitoring and update service.

Reliable Management of Your Systems

Regardless of the operating system, each server requires regular care and maintenance in order to work stable and reliable over time. Key-Systems DataCenter offers a professional patch management from a single source. Our experts monitor and update your systems with new package versions or critical security patches. Thus, you don't have to worry about the actuality of your systems and can focus on your core business. We are also happy to install and set up your server, please contact us!

Firewall / IDS / IPS

Key-Systems DataCenter provides firewalls as well as advanced security options such as a system for intrusion detection (IDS) or intrusion prevention (IPS).


A firewall can not be ignored in any security concept for IT services. It filters out requests to unused ports and protocols and regulates already rudimentary the access of desired compounds. Key-Systems DataCenter offers several options to secure your systems by firewall, for example, with redundant Juniper firewall cluster or virtual firewall appliance.


In addition to traditional firewalls, we provide advanced security options with a system for intrusion detection (IDS) or intrusion prevention (IPS). They test flowing network packages for valid syntax, structure or content. Depending on the defense system, a message or an automatic blocking of suspicious packages is carried out. This type of protection is especially useful for critical payment systems or the like in order to fend off attacks as early as possible. Our Juniper firewall cluster is capable to perform popular IDS / IPS functionality with user-defined or pre-built schemes. We advise you on the wide range of applications.


Key-Systems DataCenter provides special backup storage systems for data backups outside your own infrastructure.

Backup Storage

To store their backups we also offer our customers special backup storage systems with sufficient storage capacity and rapid raid associations. Thus, your data backups can be quickly stored outside your own infrastructure and securely retained for emergencies. The cost of a separate second storage system can be saved by this means.

IT Security

With our security and data protection experts, we offer you support and consulting regarding all IT security topics. The scope can be defined individually according to your wishes and may include the following areas:

  • System and network scans
  • Analysis of vulnerabilities
  • Penetration tests
  • Reports and audits
  • Technical and organizational measures
  • Contracts for contract data processing