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Remote Hands

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Remote Hands

With the Key-Systems DataCenter on-site service, you can save valuable time by outsourcing the technical support for your systems.

On-site Service in the Data Center

From time to time, different operations are necessary on server systems and their components, that need to be conducted on site in the data center. Since own approaches are always time-consuming, we offer our customers the possibility that our technicians carry out the operations as so-called "remote hands" services. These include, for example, the replacement of defective hard disks or other components, configuration tasks on the console of the server and much more.

Billing takes either place on a per quarter hour basis or by using a monthly contingent with discounted rates.

Domains and DNS

Key-Systems DataCenter provides more than 1,000 different top level domains for registration and management as well as Hosted DNS service for free.

Domain Registration and Management

We offer the opportunity to register and manage more than 1,000 different top level domains via a web interface or automatically via various API interfaces (e.g. EPP, SOAP, XMLRPC, HTTPS). As a subsidiary of the Key-Systems GmbH, one of the largest domain registrars worldwide, the Key-Systems DataCenter provides especially favorable buying conditions for your entire domain portfolio.

Hosted DNS

For connecting your domains that are managed with us, our Hosted DNS service is available for free if requested. You can also independently manage your DNS zones including resource records via web interface and API. The extensive features include, among others, full IPv6 support.

The basis of the DNS infrastructure is built up by several clusters of DNS servers that are operated geo-redundantly in different German data centers. These guarantee a high reliability and a particularly high efficiency of name resolution.

SSL Certificates

Key-Systems DataCenter offers individual certificates, multi-domain certificates, or so-called wildcard certificates of all leading certification authorities.

Reliable Data Communication

SSL certificates are used to ensure the authenticity and integrity in the use of encrypted data communication, as used for example in the form of the HTTPS protocol on the web servers of e-commerce providers for transmission of customer and bank information. The issuing of certificates is done by trusted, external certification authorities.

Wide Selection of Certificates

Key-Systems DataCenter offers various SSL certificates of all leading certification authorities such as RapidSSL, Symantec, GeoTrust, Sectigo or Thawte. Among others, you can choose between individual certificates, multi-domain certificates, or so-called wildcard certificates. The latter are used to secure a particular domain with all your subdomains. If particularly high security requirements exist, Extended Validation Certificates (with the green bar) and certificates with organization validation are also available.

You can perform management operations such as the reorder or renewal of a certificate by yourself through our web interface or automatically via API - the provision will be executed within a few minutes.