Data Centers

The TÜV-certified Tier III data centers in St. Ingbert and Kaiserlautern offer ideal conditions for operating your business critical IT systems.

Electricity Supply

Air Conditioning


Fire Prevention





Locations in Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany)

St. Ingbert

  • Highly available level 3
  • Up to 5 kW per rack
  • Technical staff on-site
  • Access upon registration

The company's own data center is located at our headquarters in the "Drahtwerk-Nord-Areal" in St. Ingbert (Saarland, Germany).


  • Highly available level 3+
  • Separate fire sections
  • Autonomous operation
  • Access around the clock

The data center is located on the site of the Stadtwerke (municipal utility) in Southern Kaiserslautern (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany).

Electricity Supply

The energy supply is primarily carried out by medium voltage transformers; with the respective supply networks of the local electricity providers superordinate.

Safety Measures Against Power Failure

  • Secondary safeguarding of energy supply via emergency power generator
  • Emergency power generator with fuel supply for up to 48 hours continuous running
  • Easy refueling of emergency power generator during ongoing operation
  • Contracts with several independent fuel suppliers (e.g. delivery on weekends, public holidays)

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Two independent online UPS systems (A/B supply) following the principle of double conversion protect your servers against voltage fluctuations and filter anomalies in the network. The online UPS systems come along with a sufficient autonomy time for bypassing the energy demand of the entire data center until the start of the emergency power supply.

Surge Protection and Lightning Protection

  • Outside lightning protection
  • Coarse protection in low voltage distribution
  • Fine protection in racks
  • Complete TN-S network with central grounding point

Air Conditioning

The cooling of our racks is carried out classically by air circulation cooling units through the double floor. It is set for a high capacity per square meter.


Centerpiece of the construction are several cold water aggregates in the primary circuit, which don't use the ecologically harmful glycol. With modern cold aisle containments we rely on an ecological and economic air conditioning.


The "free cooling" function allows to cool completely or at least partially without compressor, when the outside temperature is low.


Thanks to the n+1 redundant construction of all cooling equipment, we provide the full cooling capacity for the data center also in case of device failure or maintenance work.


For especially high performance requirements (e.g. Blade Center), we also offer you alternatively prepared racks with direct water cooling.


The external connection is being realized via physically separated fiber optic networks from different carriers.

The line directions of the optical fibers are completely disjunct and are inserted via different house lead-ins. Apart from the last meters, the routing is executed via different data carriers.
Being a RIPE member, we run our own autonomous system, hence our data centers are connected multi-homed, completely independent from individual network providers.
Our data centers are currently connected to several upstream partners via border gateway protocol.

    Would you like to collocate your upstream partners or would you like to have another carrier?

    Please contact us – we realize your plan.

    Furthermore, do you prefer to have a dedicated fiber optic or an own WDM color with upstream or as leased line?

    Our infrastructure is prepared to handle this, we will create an individual offer for you.

    Fire Prevention

    A clearly structured concept for fire prevention banishes hazard sources from the high-security area, minimizing the risk of fires.

    Nevertheless, if a fire breaks out, Key-Systems DataCenter is prepared with the earliest fire detection, a 2-line automatic fire detection system and the nitrogen fire-extinguishing system. Thus, fires are detected early and extinguished effectively.

    Our concept for data security includes fire protection according to DIN 4102-2 / F90 and EN 1047-2, EN 1363-1 and EN 1364-1 as well as smoke protection according to DIN 18095.

    Did you know that least amounts of sulfur are discharged when you unwrap a package?

    Even small amounts may pollute the air in the data center and damage your hardware or bring forward fire initiation. Furthermore, bolts, components of servers and dust are not supposed to get near to high-performance servers. For this reason, separate rooms for unwrapping, repairing and constructing surround the server room.

    Earliest Fire Detection

    The system for earliest fire detection carries out the monitoring of the ambient air at different places in the data center via a high-resolution laser smoke extraction system. The system detects impurities, indications for short circuits and further evidence for a fire.

    2-Line Fire Detection System

    Photoelectric fire detectors reveal fire in 2-line dependence. Alarms are forwarded via our fire alarm control panel to our 24/7 available emergency center.

    Automatic Fire-Extinguishing System

    In case of emergency our extinguishing system is able to flood the high-security area in a split second and thus extinguish a fire with no impact on the technical devices.


    Our safety concept is built up according to the layer principle. Central part is the modular ECBS safety cell for the server room.

    Access Control

    An elaborated entry system via online door systems prevents unauthorized persons from entering the data center. We are using a RFID+PIN locking system for unlocking the doors to the data centers and to the server rooms (RFID=Radio Frequency Identification).

    Thanks to our intrusion detection system and a security agency with qualified personnel, we guarantee security services also at night and on weekends.

    Outer Layer: Work Room

    The corridor and the separate rooms for unwrapping, repairing and constructing (including an emergency working place) surround the technical rooms.

    Inner Layer: Technical Rooms

    The layer surrounding the server room includes all technical rooms, these are the rooms for UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), for the medium/low voltage distribution, for the climate-clasp and for storing extinguishing agents. Solely technicians may enter these rooms, that are separated from the server room.

    Core: High-Security Server Room

    The ECBS safety concept for the server room serves the highest possible safety of the accommodated IT components and complies with the following regulations:

    • Inspection conditions according to DIN 4102-2
    • Availability protection in the sense of the IT-codex book (Grundschutzhandbuch, GSHB) of the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI)
    • Tier III level according to the guidelines of the German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V., BITKOM)

    The concept for data safety includes the protection against the following risks:

    • Fire according to DIN 4102-2 / F90 and EN 1047-2, EN 1363-1 as well as EN 1364-1
    • Smoke according to DIN 18095
    • Unauthorized entry / intrusion WK2 according to EN 1627
    • Intrusion of fire water (including proof of impermeability) according to EN 60529
    • Sabotage / dust / vandalism


    The data centers and the adjoining premises are continuously monitored by cameras, that record all activities around the building.

    Supervised components

    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • UPS
    • Emergency power supply
    • Differential currents
    • Fire detector
    • Leakage

    A central, superior monitoring system permanently records all important runtime data and registers unusual changes in the operating environment. Our network monitoring permanently examines the availability and latency of our connections from multiple international locations and alarms our on-call service in case of anomalies. Thus, we can realize fast fault diagnostics in our own network and are able to bypass problematic upstream partners temporarily.


    We apply highest demands to the quality of our data centers. For allowing you to compare us, our data centers have been certified according to the guidelines of the TÜV Saarland Group.

    The “tekit/TÜV Saarland“, a technical inspection authority, has certified both Key-Systems DataCenter data centers as a highly available “TÜV audited data center” level 3 according to the guidelines of the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI) and the Tier level standards (basis: TÜV Saarland set of requirements).

    The certification mark „audited data center" serves as an evidence for the safety, suitable performance and sustainable operation of a data center.

    For the TÜV Saarland certification mark, the following criteria are analyzed:

    • Basis of information safety and availability
    • Requirements for the operational management and documentation of the data center
    • Construction requirements such as the constructive design and risks in and surrounding the data center
    • Technical requirements, such as uninterrupted electricity supply and distribution, air conditioning, alarm indication, fire prevention, cable system
    • Reduncy requirements such as a backup data center and network access
    • Organizational requirements, such as access control, maintenance and functional testing

    More information about the TÜV inspection procedure for data centers can be found here.


    We rely on renewable energies, sustainability and resource-efficient technology for operating our highly engineered data centers.

    The complete energy demand of the data centers and the adjoined premises is exclusively supplied by green electricity of the local energy suppliers.

    Cooling with the External Temperature

    The refrigerating machines for our server room work cold-water based and mainly abandon refrigerants and compressors thanks to the "free cooling" function. The server room can be completely or predominantly cooled with the outdoor temperature approximately three quarters of the year.

    Heating with Discharged Air

    The cold aisle containments of our racks help to cool much more efficient and thus to save energy. In addition, we environmentally friendly use the warm discharged air to heat the complete facility.

    Energy-efficient Servers

    For our root servers, we are exclusively using processors with state-of-the-art architecture. Because of their construction form, they are extremely energy-saving – even under full load – and thus protect the environment.