Together with you we develop a customized concept for the realization of your project. The scope of services is completely flexible.

Redundant Web Server Systems

Down times directly result in a loss in revenue – the longer a web presence is offline, the higher is the damage for the owner. A redundant web server system prevents such a scenario and secures the availability by distributing the web site content on several physical systems. Thus, in case of a hardware failure you retain the availability of your platform and protect yourself against a loss in revenue. A positive side effect can be realized with a little extra effort by load balancing. Therefore, numerous requests can be distributed optimally to existing resources.

Database Clusters

Database replication allows the data distribution from the main server to one or several backup servers in near real time (master/slave connection). This makes the distribution of read accesses in case of high load or the data distribution to different geographical sites possible. The existing master/slave linkages may be extended at will and without service interruption with additional server systems at any time. Furthermore, if the master server fails, a slave server may be switched to the new main server in a very short time.

Backup Solutions

The know-how and thus the capital of a company may be completely destroyed through fire, stealing or an electricity failure in a sudden moment. A well-engineered backup strategy considers storing the most important company information at a second, independent location. We at Key-Systems DataCenter offer you the highest possible degree of safety for archiving your backups – no matter if you use our infrastructure as primary or secondary storage location. Thanks to our second location in Kaiserslautern, we may realize a completely redundant, geographically separated system solution at any time.