Cloud Datacenter

Key-Systems DataCenter's Cloud Datacenter provides you with access to the data center of the future – powered by VMware vCloud™.

Key-Systems Cloud Datacenter: Highly Available Server Systems

The "Infrastructure as a Service" (IaaS) solution enables you to deploy highly available server systems autonomously within minutes, tailored to your specific resource requirements and with high-speed internet connection.

You are in full control of your resources like CPU power, RAM capacity or storage space all the time. Furthermore, you can directly administrate your systems via console access, perform restarts or shutdowns, create clones, upload own virtual machines or ISO images, define firewall rules and much more.

With our Cloud Datacenter you aren't subject to any financial risk resulting from oversized hardware purchase and non-calculable operating costs anymore. You only pay for what you currently use. In the past you had to estimate the amount of resources for new projects and adjust them with increasing demand, which resulted in high costs. Now you can start with minimal resources and low costs and respond fast and flexible to changing demands.

The whole infrastructure is operated in highly available and completely redundant environments in our data center locations in Germany.

Business Models: Flexible – Reliable – No Financial Risk

We offer our Cloud Datacenter in two business models, which you can even combine, the Pay-as-you-go or Reservation Model. Both models allow the independent distribution of your Cloud Datacenter resources to individual systems. If you need more resources, we can flexibly provide them.


With Pay-as-you-go resources will be automatically requested and reserved on-demand when starting a system and will be released after it's shutdown, which lowers costs significantly. Therefore, the Pay-as-you-go model is the right choice for systems which are only used at specific times, e.g. for software development during business hours or the compensation of temporary load peaks.


In the Reservation model, all given resources of your Cloud Datacenter are completely pre-reserved. You'll thereby benefit from maximized planning reliability, as the availability of all resources is guaranteed. Furthermore, especially favorable resource prices apply. Hence, this model is perfectly suited for your production systems, where resources are permanently needed.

Your Advantages

  • Highest computing power and storage capacity, available on-demand
  • Web interface and API for full control over all resources
  • Maximum flexibility and scalability
  • Lower TCO through tailored resource allocation
  • Individual billing models
  • Optional: Integrated self-service-backup
  • Selection between NL-SAS and SSD storage

Our Solution

  • High performance, energy-saving processors of newest generation
  • Redundant high-speed internet access
  • 10 Gbit/s SAN infrastructure
  • Premium Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Secure and fully redundant environment: Availability of 99.99%
  • Own TÜV-certified Tier III data centers in St. Ingbert & Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • Data remaining in the German legal space
  • Power usage of the whole infrastructure is covered by 100% green energy

Testimonial: Key-Systems Cloud Datacenter

"With its highly available infrastructure, Key-Systems DataCenter has proven to be a competent and fair partner, open to individual inquiries. HiOrg-Server is used in the German-speaking area by over 3,000 organizations with more than 180,000 active users." states Christoph Blechschmitt, CEO of HiOrg Server GmbH.

Value Added Services and IT Services

This product can be supplemented by versatile services. More information about our value added services and IT services can be found here.

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2,5% Rabatt
ab 32 GB RAM


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